Art Installation / Exhibition Design

“The minor poems will, it is hoped, interest the thoughtful and earnest minded and commend themselves to the intelligent persual of all who strive to be good and do good.”
Reverend Samuel, 1869

Central Inspiration was a collaborative exhibition/interactive art trail by Edinburgh College of Art MA and MFA Illustration and Graphic Design students and the City Council of Edinburgh. 
Installation featured in Library as Incubator and The Artist's Library published by Coffee House Press.

MA course work at Edinburgh College of Art, University of Edinburgh.
Tutor: Mike Windle

Installation at the  Central Library of Edinburgh , Scotland. 

Installation at the Central Library of Edinburgh, Scotland. 

Pop-up Art

Exhibition Design / Mixed Media

Question: How do you entice pedestrians to climb in to the back of a nondescript van on a cold winter morning?
Answer: Offer free tea and biscuits. 

A group 'pop-up' art exhibition about the human rights abuses involved in the cocaine trade.

In collaboration with the Amnesty International Society, University of Edinburgh.

March 2013. Bristo Square, University of Edinburgh.